Summer 2010

Welcome to the latest issue of Training Talk, the University of York’s Continuing Professional Development newsletter. In this issue we focus on our impact on the organisations we work with, and how we can help you improve your bottom line.

The economic downturn means that times are tough for most of us around the world. History shows that the organisations most likely to thrive again as the economic environment improves are those that continued to invest in their staff during the hard times.

The University helps businesses to get the most from their biggest asset: their people. This newsletter provides a few examples of where we have made a fantastic difference to organisations, and an example of what we’re doing to continually improve our services.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and I would be very interested in your feedback. For further information about the full range of CPD courses available, and to see how we can help you and your organisation develop your competitive advantage, please give me a call or visit our newly remodelled website at

Best wishes

Amanda Selvaratnam
Head of Continuing Professional Development