Reducing the impact of stress in the workplace

Using cutting-edge research, the University of York has developed ‘The Challenge of Change’, a course to help employees deal with one of most crippling factors effecting business: stress.

In 2006, the Health and Safety Executive estimated the cost of stress to the UK economy as £3.6 billion. Imagine what that figure is now, given recent events.

Stress can come in many different forms: from a change at work, such as a restructure; or a personal change, such as moving house.

Based on the book Managing stress: live long and prosper by Dr Derek Roger, Honorary Reader in Psychology at the University, the course helps delegates develop the skills and techniques to enable them to cope with change without letting it have a negative affect on personal performance or general wellbeing.

In the workplace, this can have a hugely positive impact on:

  • Employee motivation, productivity and engagement
  • Sickness and absence costs
  • Effectiveness of communication
  • Attracting and retaining the best staff

Sarah Byrne, managing director of Mosaic Events, found this course highly valuable, both professionally and personally. “It made me think about the language I use and the way to talk to people to try and avoid making a situation feel stressful,” said Sarah. “It was really useful to identify traits and coping mechanisms in others, including my employees. I can now spot when someone is responding in a certain way due to stress which means I can help them deal with that. I’ve already used what I learnt on the course to help some of my friends who are going through tough times in their lives.”

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